Functional Fit


Functional Fit is a gateway to improving your functional fitness. This program paves the way for you to learn and refine technical skills and movements such as muscle-ups, handstand walks and Olympic lifts, while improving overall fitness and helping you achieve better results at local competitions. You can expect to be pushed... but not to your breaking point. If you’re looking for a new challenge and aspire to climb the ranks at your local box, this program is for you.

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Functional Fit Pro


Functional Fit Pro is designed for the experienced athlete who can commit 3-4 hours to daily training, plus recovery 5-6 days a week and is competent with highly technical movements, including gymnastics and Olympic lifts. Pro Athletes will follow James Newbury’s training stratagem, with the aim of getting you to the podium.

On this program, you’ll learn to tap into your elite performance mindset. You can expect to enhance your range of skills, fine tune your existing skill set and hone in on your capacity across the ten modalities of fitness.

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OFFSITE Fit is your general physical preparedness program providing complete flexibility to get you fit within 1 hour a day no matter where you are or what equipment you have. This program allows you to choose a track that makes the most sense for your unique situation.
Following the same base workout of the day, you can decide to follow the BARE version (equipment free), the ESSENTIALS version (Dumbbells, Box and Rope), the COMPLETE version (full gym), the SANDBAG version or the SEED version (3 times a week for beginners).  The program will improve your overall fitness and strength in the comfort of your own home or home gym, while fitting in your busy schedule. If you’re wanting to get fit and stay healthy on your own terms, this program is for you.
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Written by professional Triathlete, Ellie Salthouse, our program will give you unwavering confidence in the water, boost your speed on the bike, and find rhythm in your running.


This is your ongoing prep program to get your fitness foundation sorted. This will ensure that whether you’re ready to take on a specialised program or whether you’re between races, you have a solid fitness and endurance base.

USD $10/week


This is an 8 week virtual coach in your pocket! Tried and tested programming that is *guaranteed* to get you ready to compete in your very first sprint distance triathlon with absolute confidence (and, if we’re being honest) it is only going to leave you wanting more.

USD $79


Your expert 12 week guide to smashing your next Olympic distance race. Ellie Salthouse will guide you day by day to ensure that you have all the skills, endurance and self-awareness to know exactly how to make the most of the distances in front of you. Whether you’re looking to enter a race seriously or you’re looking for ways to increase you’re overall endurance, stamina and confidence, this program is for you.

USD $119


This is your ultimate 20 week triathlon training program to ensure that you are 100% ready to tackle a half Ironman. This is definitely not a task you want to go into unprepared, so Ellie has done all the hard work to ensure that you know exactly what to do to come out the other side with absolute success!

USD $159



Follow Ultra Physique for the ultimate in aesthetics and bodybuilding. Our Physique programming is much more than daily dumbbells; expand your exercise knowledge base as you learn how to optimally train your body through progressive overload, killer supersets, drop sets, pyramids, eccentric-focused movement and more.

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Ultra Gymnastics is designed to develop all levels of gymnastics capabilities and capacity. From building blocks to final tweaks, whether you struggle to link pull-ups, get your toes to the bar or walk on your hands, this program is dedicated to refining some of the most technical movements. Ultra Gymnastics programs for three sessions per week varying from 20-30 minutes.

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A strong core is fundamental to carrying out many other movements well. Ultra’s targeted Core training program will strengthen your centre and set you up to perform at your best in any one of our other training streams. Ultra Core is designed to give you the best of both worlds; functional ability and enviable aesthetics! Learn fun and challenging new exercises, build your strength and get those washboard abs you’ve always wanted.

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Working In


Humans have an “optimal stress zone”. Too little stress won’t illicit any results; and too much can lead to chronic inflammation, and then to chronic fatigue and, subsequently, adrenal fatigue. In addition to this, we need to account for the day-to-day stress caused by things like training, work, study and food… Ultra Athletes manage this by “working in”; it’s the conscious practise of energy giving to counterbalance the taking. Activities to support this practice include breath work, sauna, passive stretching, yoga, massage, cold therapy, meditation and floatation therapy.

Ultra’s programming offers a finely tuned approach that works to balance training stress through working in, and in a way that can be practised on a daily basis. This promotes better sleep, increased energy, greater arousal towards training, faster recovery and lower risk of injury. Working in also supports immune function, an important consideration in the lead up to competitions, when the likelihood of illness can increase.

Ultra’s Working In program is completely free for anyone to access.

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