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If you think about stress, we as humans have an ‘optimal stress zone’. Too low and you’ll get no results. Too high and you’ll get chronic inflammation, which leads to chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue. Neither of which are fun. In addition to this, each day we add stress to our bucket from things like training, work, study and food… and we need to empty some of that stress out of the bucket before it overflows. We do this by ‘working in’. Working in is a conscious practice that is energy giving instead of taking. Things that help this are: breath work, sauna, passive stretching, yoga, massage, cold therapy, meditation and floatation therapy. 

Trying to balance working in and working out is where Ultra Instinct comes in. We have a finely tuned approach that works to combat training stress with the right amount of working in that can be practiced on a daily basis. This promotes better sleep, increased energy, better arousal levels towards training, increased recovery speed and decreased injury rates. Working in also assists immunity, which in turn will help in the lead up to events, where probability of sickness can increase. 

It’s time to ascend.

about james

top CrossFitter in Australia

5th Best Crossfitter in the world

From a young age, James was extremely competitive. Starting as young as 5, James’ first endeavour into the sporting field was little athletics. From there, he found a love for Rugby Union, travelling interstate at 16 to compete in a high level and to ultimately work towards his goal of playing for Australia. To assist him with this, James found CrossFit.

Over time, his accessory work in CrossFit took over and he found himself in the gym working new skills and trying to improve his benchmark scores more than he was on the rugby field. In 2012, James tried his luck at the CrossFit Open, placing 47th and earning himself a spot at the Australian CrossFit Regional Competition. Going in with no expectations and coming out with a 9th place, the hunger for CrossFit success began.

In 2013, James set up his affiliate, CrossFit Mode to help support his dreams of making the CrossFit Games. After placing 11th in 2013, 4th in 2014, 13th in 2015 – James finally made the CrossFit Games placing 2nd at regionals in 2016. in 2017, 2018 and 2019 he has placed 1st at the Regional/Sanctional events, earning him 4 consecutive years at the CrossFit Games. He has placed 26th, 27th and 17th respectively, and this season took out his best placing yet of 5th at the World CrossFit Games, earning himself the title of the 5th Fittest Man on Earth. 

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About Karl

Karl is a Certified Level 3 CrossFit Trainer and Owner of CrossFit CBD. Karl has an extensive competitive sporting background in Rugby Union. Playing as part of a team was all that he ever knew as was building a life around fitness. Karl discovered CrossFit midway through 2011 fully capturing his imagination and opening his eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities that could be achieved through the program. 

From here, Karl has made it his number one priority to become the best possible coach and programmer through his affiliate which is about to celebrate it’s 10th birthday and through countless academic achievements. To Karl, CrossFit is so much more than just a workout, it’s something far far bigger than that, it’s the camaraderie, the community, it’s the bonds & friendships you make with those in your community that make it all worthwhile. Karl is a firm believer that functional fitness is something that you can continue forever and takes pride in helping anyone and everyone (from all walks of life) include functional fitness in their lives to be the healthiest and most independent they can be. Karl is so excited to bring his programming expertise and knowledge to Ultra to continue to push the boundaries and build on its current foundations.

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about Ellie

Ellie Salthouse is a professional triathlete from Brisbane, Australia. She shares her time living between Brisbane and her USA training base in Boulder, Colorado.

Ellie has been racing professionally for 10 years and has multiple titles to her name, including; 2 x Youth Olympic Games silver medals, multiple Australian titles, 3 x Challenge half distance titles, 8 x Ironman 70.3 titles and two top 10 finishes at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

Ellie’s ultimate dream is to become Ironman 70.3 World Champion. 

Ellie’s partnership with Ultra Athlete gives her a platform to share her extensive knowledge in triathlon and triathlon programming with others, in order to help them achieve their goals, regardless of their size.

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About Stephanie

Steph is a Certified CrossFit Level 3 Trainer and Head Coach at CrossFit CBD. After an extensive background and upbringing in Dance, Steph understands the value and importance of creating and investing in a community. After starting CrossFit in 2013, it was clear that this was where she was going to find her new path in life. After completing her Level 1 certificate late in 2013, Steph made a commitment to further study to become the best possible coach for her athletes, ensuring that whomever crossed her path would be better off for it.

From here it became clear to her that there was a greater need within the community for functional fitness programming and coaching to be more readily/easily available, which is where her passion and commitment to providing the best possible standard of online programming begun. She believes firmly that it isn’t just about great coaching and programming, but that the need for a rock solid virtual community with access to engagement and advice is what can really set online fitness programs apart.

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